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Look Up, North America!

There is no better way to see North America than on foot. And there is no better way to appreciate what you are looking at than with a walking tour. Whether you are preparing for a road trip or just out to look at your own town in a new way, a downloadable walking tour from walkthetown.com is ready to explore when you are.

Each walking tour describes historical, architectural landmarks, cultural sites and ecclesiastic touchstones and provides pictures to help out when those pesky street addresses are missing. Every tour has step-by-step directions. Every tour also includes a quick primer on identifying architectural styles seen on North American streets.

More than 475 walking tours available...

Always have a walking tour in your pocket with an architectural and historical exploration of over 475 towns in the United States and Canada. Each is downloadable from Amazon for 99 cents. Collections of tours are packaged in Kindle Books and printed copies as well.

All tour photos and text by Doug Gelbert


WalkTheTown.com - Look Up, North America!

WalkTheTown.com - Look Up, North America!